Expansion Joints and Flexducts

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Their main purpose in most applications is to accommodate for thermal movement. Most typically applied in ducting systems that transfer hot or cold air, expansion joints are also used in other industrial applications such as industrial sieves used to sort larger and smaller particulates.

Gaskets, Inc. has over 60 years experience in developing the industry’s best expansion joints -we’ve built thousands of expansion joints that are used in industry today.

  • Available in round, square or rectangular shapes
  • Feature exceptionally durable and efficient materials
  • Frames available in mild steel or stainless steel angle iron of various widths and thicknesses to accommodate custom applications

Each of our expansion joints can withstand temperatures from 250°F/135°C to 1,000°F/538°C and pressure up to 27” W.C.



Gaskets, Inc. flexducts were developed more than 35 years ago. Our Type 3384 and 4384 Flexducts are flexible connectors for use in metal duct runs where superheated air is moving at high speeds.

  • Available in square or rectangular shapes.
  • Standard diameters range from 10 inch I.D. to 50 inch I.D. with length from 6 inch to 60 inch. Where longer length are required, metal connectors are furnished between ducts. 

Gaskets flexducts can withstand temperatures up to 850°F and pressure to 15″ W.C. 

The below listing features some of our most commonly used expansion joints and flexducts, but we also build many custom products to fit specific applications. Please contact us with any inquiries or questions and one of our experienced sales team members will be happy to help!

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