Extruded Silicone Seals

Extruded Silicone Seals

Extruded silicone rubber seals & gaskets provide outstanding high and low temperature resistant properties. Extruded silicone is very resistant to deteriorating effects such as ozone, electrical current, weathering and radiation. Under normal operating conditions temperatures as high as 500°F/260°C and as low as -150°F/-101°C can be achieved with extruded silicone.

The estimated useful life of silicone rubber is shown in the table to the right. Useful life is defined here as the period of time during which the rubber retains an elongation of 50% or more. Oven and dryer access panel and door seals can be installed easily using seals from our wide variety of profiles. Silicone seals and gaskets are an affordable, long lasting option for your high or low temperature application. Choose tadpole, “e”, flat, round, and “U” shaped designs. Most are in stock and ready to ship! Custom designs are also available.

GT131 Series Seals

“P” shaped seals similar to our tadpole seal offerings. The bulb is hollow allowing it to easily compress. The easy compression creates a great seal under light pressure and conformance to uneven surfaces. The flat flange of this seal is used for mounting in various ways. The flange can be slid into slots, attached to doors/ panels via fasteners or used as a flat surface for adhesive application

GT132 series seals

“P” shaped seals similar to our GT131 series. However these are made from medium density closed cell silicone foam. Foam compresses easier than a solid silicone and conforms easier as well. The closed cell construction keeps these seals from absorbing gases and liquids. These are our most flexible seals. The bulb portion of the GT132 is a highly compressible foam bulb seal and the flange portion of this seal is used to mount the seal. Being foam the flange can also compress and can be used as a secondary barrier from dust and debris.

GE Series Seals

“e” shaped silicone extrusions with a hollow bulb sitting above the flange. The hollow bulb allows for easy compression creating a great seal under light pressure and conformance to uneven surfaces. The flange below the bulb on the e series leaves a slot. This slot allows the seal to slide onto the edge of materials such has metal, plastic, etc. making this a good option for applications that do not allow a “P” shaped profile to be used.

GU Series Seals

“U” shaped seals that have an open portion. This allows the seals to be easily mounted on edges by sliding the seal over the edges. Ideal for door edges where low compression is needed. The solid silicone of these allows for a long wear life and no absorption of gases and liquids.

GF Series Silicone Foam(sponge) Seals

Seals are made of closed cell, medium density silicone foam. They are highly compressible and highly flexible making them a great option for a variety of applications. The closed cell construction allows them to resist absorption of gases and liquids and the medium density allows flexibility even after exposure to UV, rain, snow , cold and heat. Most commonly these are mounted to flat surfaces via adhesives (we recommend an ultra-high temp RTV silicone sealant).  They can also be slid into slots. The foam is highly compressible under a large variety of pressure making this a great “all purpose” seal. Most commonly used on commercial food processing equipment applications.  commercial and consumer smokers, and as low temp sealing applications for refrigeration and freezer applications.

Standard applications for extruded silicone seals are:

  • Door seals
  • Damper seals
  • OEM equipment seals

Useful life of silicone rubber:

  • 250°F: 10 to 20 Years
  • 300°F: 5 to 10 Years
  • 400°F: 2 to   5 Years
  • 500°F: 3 mo to 2 Years
  • 500°- 600°F: 1 wk to 3 Months

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