July 10, 2019

Minimize heat loss; Improve efficiency

Summer shutdowns are a great time to Improve Efficiency

With summer comes shutdowns throughout factories across the United States. One main focus during a shutdowns is to work on improving system efficiency. A simple (and affordable) way to do this is to minimize heat loss.  Improved efficiency leads to reduced running costs and less stress on system parts. A simple way to improve efficiency through minimizing heat loss is to inspect and replace (as necessary) thermal seals. Higher efficiency industrial systems  result in a smaller carbon footprint and lowered operating costs. In fact, manufacturing facilities  spend nearly  $200 billion every year to power facilities and waste nearly 30%  of that energy.

Tadpole seals for thermal sealing

Ovens, furnaces, boilers, dryers, etc are all use a variety of tadpole seals to minimize heat loss. During a shutdown  systems are inactive and high operating temperatures(which can make inspection difficult) are not an issue.  Gaskets Inc tadpole seals are designed to minimize heat loss that occurs in a systems doors and access panels. We manufacture tadpole seals custom for each application. A short one week standard lead time for tadpole seals give maintenance personnel plenty of time to replace parts before the end of a shutdown. Give Gaskets Inc a call at 920-992-3137 or send us an email to [email protected].  We would be happy to help improve the efficiency of your operating systems by minimizing heat loss.

Expansion Joints and Flexducts to accommodate for thermal movement

Summer shutdowns are also a great time to replace worn, deteriorated  expansion joints and flexducts that are used to accommodate for thermal movement.  Gaskets Inc custom manufactures expansion joints and flexducts to meet and exceed customer needs. Our experienced sales team can make recommendations for replacement based on your needs and their years of experience. Give us a call at 920-992-3137 or send us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to help you find a solution


(new Type 54 Expansion Joints ready to be installed in a ducting system that was suffering from air/heat loss and not operating properly)