April 15, 2017

American Made, What it Means to Us

Back in 1946 when Gaskets was known as Racine Glove Company, everything then was made in house, all the products were bought from nearby suppliers. Then the fabric was cut 15 feet away from where it was sewn, and only steps away where it was packaged and sent to retailers. What has changed in nearly 70 years? Nothing. We still cut 15 feet away from our sewers, and package and ship a couple of steps away. Gaskets and KAREWEAR are committed to buying and producing outstanding products here in Rio, Wisconsin!

Gaskets makes industrial products that help improve manufacturing plant efficiency. Our expansion joints are used in drying systems as vibration dampeners, to reduce noise, help with misalignments, as extension devices and are very useful in exhaust stacks and hot air ducts. Our expansion joints are made to suit the specific needs of our users.

Gaskets other major industrial product is called a tadpole. Tadpoles can be used in extreme heating cooling situations. Our tadpole seal gaskets are used when sealing oven and furnace doors, up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit! They are called tadpoles because of the bulb and tail. Tadpoles are useful due to the thickness and compression of the bulb material which allows rebound from compression and lets the tadpole conform to uneven surfaces. Our fiberglass tadpole bulbs are woven in house and we sew all bulbs around the material that you choose.

KAREWEAR is Gaskets safety clothing division. We specialize in safety breakaway aprons, aluminized clothing, cane mesh easy breathing welding jackets, and hard hat liners that will keep you warm in the autumn, winter and early spring months. We supply and stock many standard sizes, but also can sew any custom size that you would be looking for.

Gaskets, Inc. is dedicated to continue manufacturing our products in house and source our materials from the US. We believe that this allows us to make high quality Made in the US products that will benefit your industrial company.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions, samples, quote or orders.

Nick Carter
[email protected]