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Tadpole Seals

Gaskets, Inc. offers a complete line of high and cold temperature gaskets for a wide range of applications. Contact Gaskets Inc. with your specific requirements and we will find a solution!

Tadpole seal gaskets (Bulb & Tail) are useful due to the thickness and compression of the bulb material which allows rebound from compression and lets the tadpole conform to uneven surfaces. Gaskets has over 13,600 different combinations of tadpole seal to ensure you get exactly what you need. Our tadpole tapes can handle temperatures from 500°F/260°C up to 2,000°F/538°C.

Standard applications for tadpole seals are:

• Sealing Oven Doors

• Ducting

• Damper Blades          

• Expansion Joints

• Panel Joints              

• Burners


Contact us now to custom create your Tadpole Seal & Gasket!

Tadpole Codes

Tadpole Codes

A complete list to further understand the codes we use for our tadpole

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