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Gaskets, Inc.

Gaskets, Inc. is a cut & sew specialist that fabricates seals made from high temperature textiles, as well as expansion joints and other heat resistant materials to OEMS and distributors who want custom, durable products that are built with American Made quality. Unlike our competitors, our 50 plus years of experience and expertise result in excellent customer service. We also offer over 13,600 different door seal varieties and sizes. Volume pricing ensures that our customers get what they need, when they need it, all at a great price.

In 1961 Reed Bigelow and Fred Otting, along with Fred Cramer and Loren Gilbert formed Gaskets Incorporated. In 1991, Karen Mattacotti (daughter of Bigelow) became owner of Gaskets Inc. During the startup and early years of Gaskets Inc the focus was on die cut gaskets, (gaskets used in engines, hydraulics, etc.). However, by the late 1960’s the business had evolved and the focus was aimed at tadpole seals, expansion joints and numerous other product lines.

Today our tadpole seals are used in the sealing of oven doors, damper blades, panel joints, ducting, expansion joints and other applications where conformance to uneven flanges is required. Special applications for our tadpole seals include extremely low, as well as, extremely high temperatures, such as those found in cryogenics or refractory operations.

Gaskets Inc expansion joints can commonly be found in industrial drying systems as vibration dampeners and noise reduction devices. They are also used to fix misalignments, used as expansion devices and used in exhaust stacks and hot air ducts.

Gaskets Inc products are commonly found in paper mills, foundries, pollution control systems and other industries where extreme temperature is used.

Gaskets Inc is dedicated to bringing you industry leading products from high temperature tadpole seals/gaskets, expansion joints, sleeves, silicone extrusions, and high temperature ropes and tapes. Our 50 plus years of industry experience and knowledge means that we can custom make products to your specifications.

Fiberglass Rope

This is one of Gaskets Incorporated's fiberglass rope machines. Gaskets, Incorporated manufactures and distributes fifteen different models of fiberglass rope in various densities and diameters.

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Tadpole Seals

This is an example of how craftspeople at Gaskets, Incorporated manufacture custom designed tadpole seals. The seal being sewn in this video has a PTFE coated fiberglass cover with an Inconel® Steel solid mesh core. The design is a type 8 and will be used as a seal between an insulated locker and door for extra low temperature cryogenic processing. Our PTFE seals can be used in applications as cold as -450° F/-267° C.

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