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Gaskets Inc.

Gaskets, Inc.

Founded in 1961, Gaskets has become the premier manufacturer of high temperature Tadpole Seals, Flexducts, custom designed Sleeves and Expansion Joints. Everything we manufacture is 100% Made-in-America.

Tadpole seals are used in industrial furnaces, ovens, dryers, boilers, converting equipment, as well as many other high temperature processes. The company's skilled labor force also manufactures high temperature Fabric Expansion Joints, Metal Bellows, Flexible Duct Connectors, Sleeves, Die-cut Gaskets and Fiberglass Rope.

Other products regularly stocked by Gaskets, Inc. include EXTRUDED SILICONE SEALS; High-Temperature TAPE (Fiberglass, Ceramic, Vermiculite Coated, and Aramid); High-Temperature FABRICS (Ceramic, Fiberglass, Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass, Aramid, Silicone Coated Fiberglass, Viton® Coated Fiberglass); and specialty cut and sewn products and accessories for high temperature industrial applications.



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Fiberglass Rope

This is one of Gaskets Incorporated's fiberglass rope machines. Gaskets, Incorporated manufactures and distributes fifteen different models of fiberglass rope in various densities and diameters.

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Tadpole Seals

This is an example of how craftspeople at Gaskets, Incorporated manufacture custom designed tadpole seals. The seal being sewn in this video has a PTFE coated fiberglass cover with an Inconel® Steel solid mesh core. The design is a type 8 and will be used as a seal between an insulated locker and door for extra low temperature cryogenic processing. Our PTFE seals can be used in applications as cold as -450° F/-267° C.